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World Mental Health Day 2020

On Monday we celebrated World Mental Health Day.

World Mental Health Day, a campaign by the Mental Health Foundation, is annually held on October 10th to raise public awareness about mental health issues worldwide:

Here at TWBS we began the day with a whole school assembly led by Fraser Upton and Charlie Wallace, who are both Deputy Head Boys. In addition, staff and sixth form students were encouraged to wear a yellow ribbon in support of Young Mind’s campaign #helloyellow:

This year the Senior Prefect team have chosen to focus on raising awareness of mental health throughout the school. This is the message that they delivered during Monday’s assembly:

This year, we, the Senior Prefect team, have decided to make mental health our priority and will be supporting a charity that deals with this important issue. The name of this charity will be revealed in the coming weeks.  We decided to choose a charity that is relevant to current problems such as COVID-19 and it’s noticeable impact on many peoples’ emotional wellbeing, especially that of young people.  Through promoting #HelloYellow by wearing yellow ribbons, for example, we are raising awareness of a healthy mental attitude and hope to make a difference to students’ mental health now, as well as in the future with upcoming fundraisers and events.  To show our commitment and support for mental health, we have taken selfies and surrounded ourselves with words related to positive mental wellbeing…


Please support their endeavours by encouraging your son to talk about his mental health. And, if you have any concerns, do remember to get in touch with us.

Miss A Lyon
Head of Sixth Form