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Curriculum Map Year 11

The Windsor Boys’ School: Chemistry Curriculum Map Year 11


Autumn 1


Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 2


Summer 1


Summer 2













1. C9 Crude oil and Fuels

2. C8 Rates & Equilibrium



3. C14 Earth’s Resources


4. C13 Earth’s Changing Atmosphere

5. C12 Chemical Analysis


6. C10 Organic Reactions

7. C11 Polymers

8. C15 Using Resources 


Revision for External Assessments















Introduction to hydrocarbons and alkanes; Fractional distillation; Combustion and cracking


2. Investigating and explaining the factors affecting the rate of a chemical reaction; Factors affecting the position of an equilibrium reaction


Mock Exams 1


3. Treating drinking water and wastewater; Extracting metals from ores and Recycling plastics and LCA’s





Earth’s past and present atmosphere; Greenhouse gases and global climate change; Atmospheric pollutants



Testing for gases, positive ions and negative ions; Chromatography  




Mock Exams 2


Separate Only:


Reactions of alkenes; alcohols and carboxylic acids


7. Addition and condensation polymerisation; Natural polymers


8. Rusting, alloys and economics of making ammonia


Revision for formal external assessments















C9: Crude Oil and Fuels

(H and F - Kerboodle)


C8: Rates and Equilibrium

(H and F - Kerboodle)



C14 Earth’s Resources

(H and F - Kerboodle)


Mock Exams 1


C13 Earth’s Changing Atmosphere

(H and F – Kerboodle)


C12 Chemical Analysis

(H and F – Kerboodle)


Mock Exams 2


Formal external assessments