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Year 9 Physics Curriculum Map

The Windsor Boys’ School Physics Curriculum Map Year 9


Autumn 1


Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 2


Summer 1


Summer 2












Energy & Particles / Circuits


Circuits continued / Waves


Waves cont / Forces


Forces cont / Start GCSE Course


P1 Energy cont / Year 9 EXAM


P3 Energy Resources













Investigating temperature changes, conduction and insulation.



Particle theory, five key energy stores and transferring energy



Set up basic series and parallel circuits to measure potential difference and current.


Circuits cont:

Describe what potential difference, current and resistance are through practical investigations



Define different types of waves using key terms. Properties of light and sound waves including reflection and refraction




Waves cont:

Measure the speed of sound



Know that forces change the speed, shape and direction of objects.

Name key forces and use the appropriate equations to calculate speed and pressure.

Draw and analyse Distance / Time graphs.


Forces cont:


See last term.


Start of GCSE Course

Exam Board - AQA 


P1 Conservation and Dissipation of Energy


Investigate how energy is stored in moving objects


P1 Conservation and Dissipation of Energy cont:


How energy is transferred and what happens to it after it is used.


How to compare efficiency of machines and appliances





P3 Energy Resources


How to compare different renewable and non-renewable energy resources


How the environment is affected by the use of different energy resources.













End-Of-Topic Test on:-Energy and Particles


6 Mark Question


Test Evaluation


End-Of-Topic Tests on:- Electrical Circuits and Energy


6 Mark Questions


Test Evaluation


End-Of-Topic Tests on:- Waves


6 Mark Questions


Test Evaluation



End-Of-Topic Tests on:- Forces


6 Mark Questions


Test Evaluation


P1 Formative Assessment


Formal Exam based on all work covered in Year 9 from terms 1 to 5


P3 Formative Assessment