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Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionise the way we learn.”

Steve Jobs

Knowledge and skills


Students studying Computing at The Windsor Boys’ School will learn


  • how to create and manipulate computational abstractions that can model real-world situations and systems about the principles of computational thinking and how to apply different algorithms to solve the same problem.
  • practical skills in designing, coding, and debugging programs using various programming languages.
  • the basics of Boolean logic, binary and hexadecimal numbers, and how they are used in circuits and programming.
  • about the components and functions of computer systems and how they communicate with each other and with external devices.
  • how to represent different types of data, such as text, sounds, and images, using binary digits.
  • how to use technology in a safe, respectful, responsible, and secure manner, including protecting their online identity and privacy, recognising, and reporting inappropriate online behaviour and content.



Curriculum features: continuity, progression, and sequencing


The KS3 computing curriculum prepares students who choose Computer Science as an option at KS4 by introducing them to the core concepts of the subject.  They begin with the 'big picture', learning about system hardware, the Von-Neumann architecture and the mathematical foundations of computing.


These topics enable them to understand binary, hexadecimal, machine code and assembly language, which are related to data representation and high-level languages. Students also acquire programming skills that are applicable to different languages.


Extra-curricular enrichment


Various opportunities allow students to participate in national competitions that challenge their computing skills and knowledge.  For example, KS3 students can join the Bebras competition, which is supported by Oxford University and tests their logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.


KS4 students can enrol in the Cyber Discovery competition, which is endorsed by GCHQ and teaches them cyber security concepts and techniques.  We also organise educational trips to visit some of the leading companies and institutions in the field of computing, such as Computer Associates, O2 Telefonika, Konami Entertainment

Computing Curriculum Roadmap