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Student Leadership

Student Leadership and School Council

The School Council is a new organisation set up over the past year to listen to and represent the views and opinions of pupils right across the school, to allow students to engage with any issues, suggestions or problems they may have.


There are three School Council representatives from each house: one Year 9; one Year 10/11; and one sixth former, with a minimum of two representatives from each house required to attend each meeting, although in practice they all do turn up, meaning we regularly have around 30 boys at meetings.


The incumbent Head Boy chairs full School Council meetings, with the support of his Deputies and two Senior Prefects. To become a representative, students can nominate themselves or be nominated by their form tutor to the House leader, who then conducts a vote within the house to elect each representative. It works on the basis that Year 9s vote for the Year 9 representative, Year 10/11s for Year 10/11 representative and sixth formers vote for the sixth form representative, so that representatives are then directly accountable to the year group in their house.


Over a school year, the School Council aims to meet at least once a half term as an absolute minimum.


So far the School Council has been involved in a range of issues. Originally it looked at improving break and lunch times for lower school pupils, through introducing a range of new equipment for usage at these times. The School Council generously received a grant of £1800 from the Prince Phillip Trust, in order to help us fulfill this project. 


The School Council was also involved as the consultative body for the pupils in the process of turning The Windsor Boys’ School into an academy with Windsor Girls’ School. As well as that, the School Council is now looking to act on bigger problems across the whole school, which pupils widely agree are problematic, yet rarely have the chance to speak out and try to make improvements. These currently involve lockers, IT provisions, the availability of water, and homework support for the Lower School, and the School Council hopes to make some serious progress on these by the end of this year.