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Vision: To build a lasting community for The Windsor Boys’ School ‘Old Boys’ to help them stay in touch for life and to help current pupils, fellow alumni and friends achieve their goals in life without being restricted by means.








Mission Statement


The Windsor Boys’ School Alumni Association has been set up to connect Old Boys from the School so that they can share ideas, celebrate success and find people who can help them achieve more in business, work and leisure.


Our ambition is to create a community for committed Old Boys to make valuable connections and maybe even give something back to The Windsor Boys’ School and ‘Old Boys to-be’.


We welcome current and former teachers, governors and parents of the School to join us.


Personal stories and experiences from school are welcome. Ideas for events and initiatives to generate value from the community are even more welcome.


Strategic Goals


  1. Identify and collect information in one central database contact details of all living old boys, old teachers and old governors of The Windsor Boys’ School,
  2. Connect, communicate and share information of interest to old boys monthly and quarterly via email, print and social media,
  3. Organise four major events per year and smaller, local events when appropriate,
  4. Establish, formalise and recognise alumni officially through proper, effective and modern technology systems. Establish a Board, Committee and list of Patrons and Trustees. Hold monthly meetings on the first Thursday of every month and Quarterly Board Review meetings for Trustees,
  5. Raise funds for improvement projects for the School.


If you have any questions or would like to get involved with the alumni please email The Windsor Boys’ School via