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A Level Law 


Exam Board: AQA

Entry requirements: Grade 6 in English at GCSE

Head of Law – Miss Gray

Teacher of Law – Mr Kilner


Why study law?


Law affects everything we do, it is difficult to identify an aspect of how we live that isn't impacted by Law. This course gives students the opportunity to find out how laws are made, what they are and how they impact our lives. Law is a topical and evolving subject and we regularly refer to current news items and events to illustrate and reinforce studies. For example, the recent Netflix documentary ‘Hey Pepsi where’s my jet?’ was used as an example in lesson discussion to evaluate offer, acceptance and an invitation to treat.


How will I be assessed?


There are assessments on each side of the course each half term as well as year 12 and 13 mocks throughout the course.


What skills will I learn?


We study Law through a combination of class discussion, independent study and research-based tasks. Students are fortunate to be given a subscription to Flipped Law – an online learning tool which helps support students outside of lessons. This website includes instructional videos, quizzes, worksheets and also scenario-based tasks which covers all topics required by the exam board. The Law department is very grateful to Stowe Family Law who have kindly purchased this online tool for the students.


Within the A level course, students will develop valuable skills of critical thinking, problem analysis/solving, the ability to construct arguments, learn and explain legal authority and express these clearly and precisely. Students work regularly with scenario-based tasks and are given the skill set to identify the legal issues and then to refer to particular cases to enhance/ support their judgement.


Course Content

This course will focus on developing students’ knowledge and understanding of the English Legal system and areas of private and public law within the law of England & Wales.  The course includes the following main topics:


  • Nature of Law and the English Legal System

  • Criminal Law

  • Tort

  • Contract Law

Students will learn about different sources of Law and the role Law plays in society as well as exploring law and morality, law and justice and the rule of law.  The modules on the English Legal System will look in depth at law making, the role of Parliament and the European Union in designing legislation and passing reforms.  Students will gain an understanding of the Legal system including the civil courts, criminal courts, the judiciary and other forms of dispute resolution as well as investigating legal personnel roles and exploring access to justice and funding.  


  • The Criminal Law section will focus on the rules and theory of criminal law, liability, different types of offences such as robbery, assault, manslaughter etc and their defences.  

  • The Tort section will explore the rules and theory of civil wrongs such as breach of duty, negligence, liability for injury or economic loss and consider the possible defences and remedies.  

  • The Contract section will explore the rules of contract such as offer and acceptance, invitation to treat, the issues of frustrated, breached, and voided contracts. There is also a focus on the role of conflicting interests when looking at misrepresentation, economic duress as well as the Consumer Rights Act, students also consider possible remedies to contractual issues.


This is a must-read for students looking to study law at University and this is recommended for UCAS applications





This book is the core class book which all students purchase and chapters are read in lessons on a weekly basis to develop understanding of legal theory and the role it plays in society.



                                                                                                                         These books are a fantastic read for any law student as it                                                                                                                           helps to give a further insight into the legal system and                                                                                                                               particularly links to the English Legal System module                                                                                                                                 focusing on the roles of legal personnel.



Sponsorship of our annual Law Award and subscription to Flipped Law is courtesy of Stowe Family Law: Family Lawyers & Divorce Solicitors Windsor - Stowe Family Law.