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Rowing is the school’s flagship sport which is incredibly rare for a state comprehensive school. Despite the school’s status it is blessed with a host of national champions, and international representatives as well as host of well qualified and dedicated coaches. All of the boys at the school are given the opportunity to row. They start in year 9 with a simple capsize drill and swim test before developing their sculling skills on the River Thames throughout the whole of year 9 and 10. Racing comes thick and fast in the summer and the aim is to get as many boys as possible up to a racing standard. Gym sessions from 7am during the winter and early morning sessions on the river during the summer months mean that the boys’ skills develop quickly. As boys move into year 11, the training increases and the targets get higher with representational honours on the cards. The system at Windsor Boys‘ is progressive, and hopefully by the time boys reach the 6th Form their skills will be highly proficient, and with a really good understanding of what it takes to perform to a high level as an athlete. For those who don‘t quite make the lofty heights of representing their country there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy the benefits of being a rower, including a very active racing program across all the year groups, and of course all the health benefits that come with a high level of fitness.