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Cashless Dining

To increase convenience for parents and remove the need for cash or cheques to be brought to School to purchase food we operate a cashless system and ask all parents to use our e-payment method to pay for school breakfasts/lunches/snacks.


Boys have their finger image registered which will then be translated to an Alpha Numeric number, the image is then discarded, when used this will then enter them into the system program and identify them by a number.  This allows the system to recognise each individual pupil, hold individual cash balances, record cash spent and cash received, record where money is spent, on what food, on any specific date and time of day.


If you have not received a login please contact Mr Holloway ( on 01753 716060.


Free School Meals

With the biometric cashless dining system the Free School Meal allowance is added on to the student’s account each day and there is therefore no distinction between those boys receiving FSM and those not.

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How the technology works
Biometrics authentication is the automatic recognition of a living being using suitable body characteristics. By measuring an individual’s physical features in an authentication inquiry and comparing this data with stored biometric reference data, the identity of a specific user is determined. There are many different biometric features that can be used for authentication purposes these include finger image, signature, iris, retina, DNA or any other unique characteristic. Once a characteristic has been chosen the next stage in the Biometric process is authentication. A biometric feature is saved on to a database. Once the data has been stored, a new scanning of the biometric feature is taken. If the comparison is positive, access to the appropriate application is granted.


Biometrics and Security
Students, parents and staff can rest assured that the fingerprint images cannot be used by any other source for identification purposes. The system uses an image of the fingerprint to create a mathematical algorithm and then discards the finger image; only the numbers remain and these cannot be reinterpreted back into a finger image.


A history of biometrics
Once the domain of the local constabulary, Biometric technology is now being used at many locations around the country. Banks, supermarkets and now even schools and colleges are adopting this increasingly popular technology. Biometrics are not new, their roots have been traced back to ancient Egyptian times. The use of finger images as a security device started with Chinese officials using them to seal documents in the second century BC. Over the last few years the technology has begun to find favor commercially.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you need to take my child’s finger image?
By taking an image of your child’s finger image we can turn this information into a digital signature.


Can finger images be used by any other agency?
No, the software we use turns your child’s finger image in to a mathematical algorithm. The image of the finger is then discarded. The information that is stored cannot be used to recreate an image of the child’s finger.


What happens when my child leaves the School?
When a student leaves school all data can be deleted very easily.


How does it work?
When the child places his/her finger on the scanner, the software matches their finger image with the unique digital signature held in the database.