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Sports Facilities

Stovell Pitches – SL4 5JB

Within easy access of the M4 and walking distance of The River Thames our sport field boasts the ability to house three rugby pitches, two football pitches or one cricket pitch, all with a picturesque backdrop of Windsor Castle. A pavilion on site has full changing facilities, electric scoreboard for cricket, rugby and football as well as a conference room and balcony that allows for the perfect spectator view of the action.

School Site – SL4 5EH



On the school site, there is a full size, floodlit, all weather, multipurpose astro turf which can cater for eleven, seven and five a-side football games and is used for the schools home hockey fixtures in the spring term. The astro turf is hired out to the public any week day after 6pm and at weekends. For more information regarding the use of our facilities email


Sports hall

The indoor sports hall is the home of all basketball fixtures in the spring term as well being used for badminton, futsal, volleyball and table tennis. There are two electric basketball score boards as well as separate changing facilities. The sports hall is hired out to the public any week day after 6pm and at weekends. For more information regarding the use of our facilities email



The Gym is the epi centre of strength & conditioning at the school and consists of four weights platforms, three squat racks, one cage, and a range of mobility and functional equipment. It also has twenty rowing machines, two steppers and eight Trixter 1000 indoor bikes to develop the aerobic system. With highly durable rubber flooring throughout, the gym is a perfect place to develop athletic performance, with the full range of Olympic lifts taught and developed in a safe manner by qualified staff, including the power clean, squad clean, hang cleans, squats, snatches and more. For more information contact

Boat House – SL4 5JB


The Boat House is at the forefront of one of TWBS’ most trademark sports; rowing. The boat house caters for almost every sector of the sport, with 2 large flood-lit bays capable of housing boats; ranging from single skulls to quadruple skulls, as well as the launches used by coaches. Also, there is a large changing room capable of holding up to 40 rowers, as well as toilets and heated showers. The boat house has easy access to a river channel leading onto the Thames, as well as being situated next to the Windsor Leisure centre, with a clear view of Windsor Castle. The boat house is only a 2 minute walk from the school site. For more information contact

Eton College – SL4 6EF (Squash), SL4 6HL (Tennis)


The Windsor Boys’ School is very fortunate and thankful to Eton College for the use of their squash courts and tennis courts during the spring and summer terms respectively. Just a stone’s throw from the school, our students are able to learn and develop the games of squash and tennis. With eight squash courts and twenty tennis courts available there is room for plenty of game time as well as the chance to have individual coaching sessions with our qualified staff.