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Year 10 Physics Curriculum Map

The Windsor Boys’ School Physics Curriculum Map Year 10


Autumn 1


Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 2


Summer 1


Summer 2












P2 Heating/P6 Molecules and Matter/P11 Pressure


P6 continued/P4 Circuits


P4 Circuits/P5 Mains Electricity


P7 Radioactivity


P8 Forces (amended from kerboodle scheme)


Exam and consolidation












Energy transfer by conduction

Insulation and thermal conductivity

Specific heat capacity and specific latent heat

Changes of state

Internal energy

Particle model of materials

Behaviour of gases


Separate will also study Pressure including Gas pressure and P11 – Pressure in solids and liquids, upthrust and flotation


Complete P6 /P11 including test


P4 Circuits

Current, charge, potential difference and resistance.

Pd-current characteristics for different components

Series and parallel components


Separate will also cover static electricity


Complete P4


P5 Alternating current

Cables and plugs

Electrical power and potential difference

Practice with all electrical equations


Atomic structure

Discovery of nucleus (Rutherford)

Alpha, beta and gamma radiation

Activity and half life


Separate Physics will also include

Nuclear fission and fusion

Nuclear medicine



Forces defined as changing speed, direction or shape of an object 

contact and non-contact forces 

Definition of scalar and vector quantities, 

Revision of mass/weight

Newton’s 3 laws

The concept of balanced and unbalanced forces 

Hooke’s law required practical 

Centre of mass including practical 


Separate will also include Moments



Complete P8

Exam review

Topic consolidation based on exam review













Longer answer question on P2

P2 Mini test


Required practicals 1 and 2(separate only)


Topic test P2 and P6

Test evaluation

Longer answer question on P6 and P4


Required practical P4 and P5


Topic test P4 and P5

Test evaluation

longer answer questions on P4


Required practical P3


Topic test P7

Test evaluation

longer answer questions on P7


Year 10 exam


Required practical P6