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Curriculum Map Year 9

The Windsor Boys’ School Design & Technology Curriculum Map Year 9


Autumn 1 & Autumn 2


12-week project


6-week project


6-week project





These projects can be delivered at any time after the Autumn term.

Designing & Evaluating


Making & Technical Knowledge


Making & Technical Knowledge














Research and investigation of a user/client and existing products.


Written design specification.


Generation & communication of design ideas.


Iterative design through card prototypes and testing.


CAD – use of 2D design software.


CAM – use of laser cutter.


Testing and evaluation.


The process of soldering.


Resistors and the colour code.


Polarity of electronic components such as LEDs.


Use of jigs to aid manufacture.



Programming microcontrollers.


Use of CAD for testing and evaluation.


How to reshape thermoforming plastics using heat.


Use of jigs for batch production.


Construction of a hexagon using a compass and straightedge.


Marking out tools used for sheet metals.


Cutting and shaping tools used for sheet metals.


Use of a metal lathe.


Soft soldering using the brazing hearth.


Autodesk Inventor/Fusion 360 to model 3D products.


Using CAD to develop design ideas.


Using CAD to communicate and render design work.
















GCSEPod assignment.


Design ideas.


GCSEPod assignment.


GCSEPod assignment.


GCSEPod assignment.


Practical outcome.


End of year exam.


GCSEPod assignment.