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The Sciences

Curriculum Statement: Science


Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Thomas Edison


The knowledge and skills that pupils will gain 

The knowledge and skills that a pupil will gain in science are based on the ability to analyse a problem and suggest solutions through investigation. Students have opportunities to deepen scientific knowledge and instil curiosity throughout their time at school enabling them to contribute to the changing world around them. Working scientifically is embedded in all three science strands so that students can develop scientific thinking, experimental skills, analyse and evaluate and use the correct terminology to express their ideas.


Curriculum features: continuity, progression and sequencing 

The science department have selected exam boards which allow us to deliver the courses which offer challenge to students of all abilities and backgrounds irrespective of their starting points. The year nine curriculum is designed to ensure students have a clear understanding of the skills to study the three science strands so they can be successful at GCSE and beyond.  Progress is checked through formative and summative assessment with interleaving being used to fully embed ideas and ensure maximum recall and enable application of concepts.


Tradition, Excellence, Character: Co-curriculum enrichment 

The science department prides itself in the tradition of having student led societies where pupils are encouraged to pursue their passion in the world of science.  Debate is encouraged, furthering their ability to communicate their ideas with others, enhancing character through discussion and respect for conflicting opinions. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate excellence by entering a range of National Competitions including biology Olympiad and Cambridge chemistry challenge and taking in part in relevant trips and visits.