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Curriculum Statement: English 


‘Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools speak because they have to say something" Plato


The knowledge and skills that pupils will gain

In this ever-changing world it is vital that students are able to communicate effectively. It is our fundamental belief that students should leave being able to read and communicate confidently, clearly and concisely. Students should have the necessary skills to be able to question and explore the world around them. It is hoped that students will leave with an appreciation of the power and beauty of language.


Curriculum features: continuity, progression and sequencing 

The KS3 curriculum is designed to ensure students studying GCSE English Literature and Language have a grounding in the fundamental concepts covered at KS4.  The KS3 curriculum is designed to build upon key skills and knowledge learnt at middle school whilst introducing them to new skills and knowledge needed to ensure progress at KS4. For example, most students coming to us in year 9 will have studied a Shakespeare play. In year 9 though, we feel it is vital that students are equipped to understand the significance of Shakespeare’s language and how this in turn is shaped by the world around him. Over the 3 years, students learn to deconstruct a text and to appreciate how language and structure create meaning whilst being expected to imitate and recreate in the pursuit of developing their own critical and creative voice, a voice that is encouraged to flourish at A level and beyond.


Tradition, Excellence, Character - Co Curriculum enrichment 

Students have a wide range of enrichment opportunities as they seek to find their individual voice. From independent reading in tutor time on a Monday, to group discussions in the Literature or debating society on a Friday, students are encouraged to read widely and regularly. It is the English Department’s core belief that reading is the gateway to literacy across all disciplines and subjects. We regularly host visiting authors whilst taking full advantage of opportunities afforded to us with such close proximity to London’s vibrant cultural scene. 


How do pupils learn? 

Pupils learn, much like music being played.