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Sport is an integral part of life at The Windsor Boys’ School. Take a visit to Stovell’s Playing Field, the school’s AstroTurf, Olympic weights’ gym or purpose built boat house and it will reveal the important role that sport plays in the development of each student at the school. The extra-curricular sport programme develops essential life skills; such as team work, communication and organisation, as well as how to be gracious in victory and defeat. Through the use of sport the school hopes that every student feels a sense of purpose, improving self-confidence and fully embracing ‘Uno Animo’.


Throughout the school year, the boys are free to experience up to fifteen different sports, allowing participation and performance at all levels. Flexibility coupled with an extensive array of sports to choose from, allows students to progress in both their favourite sports as well as trying out new sports.


In order to allow the boys to be able to try as many sports as possible, the school focuses on different sports depending on the time of year. In the autumn term the boys will have the opportunity to play rugby and football. In the spring term the school’s attentions turns to hockey, squash and basketball and in the summer term the main focuses are tennis, athletics and cricket. In addition to these sports the boys can also be heavily involved in rowing throughout the year. We have an exceptionally busy timetable of fixtures in all three terms with competitive matches occurring throughout the school week and on Saturday mornings.


Following a ‘sport for all’ mentality, we strive to ensure that the sports provided meet the demands of every student and by working closely with the Windsor Sports College, we are able to incorporate sports that meet the demand of our students. We want all students to be fully involved in the sporting life of the school and seek to encourage maximum enjoyment and success.