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Curriculum Map Year 10

The Windsor Boys’ School: Chemistry Curriculum Map Year 10


Autumn 1


Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 2


Summer 1


Summer 2













1. Atomic Structure



2. The Periodic Table

3. Structure & Bonding


4. Chemical Calculations (Separate Only)

5. Chemical Changes


6. Electrolysis


7. Energy Changes


Chemical Calculations (Trilogy Only)

Crude Oil and Fuels

(Separate Only)













Atomic structure and electron arrangements; elements, compounds, mixtures and separating techniques




Development of the Periodic Table; Alkali Metals; The Halogens; Transition Metals


3. Ionic bonding and their properties; Covalent bonding and their properties; Diamond and graphite; Metallic bonding



Introduction to moles and mole calculations; Reacting mass calculations; Yields and atom economy; Titration calculations



Acids, alkalis and the pH scale; Reactivity series, displacement reactions and preparation of salts





Introduction to electrolysis; Electrolysis of aluminium oxide; Electrolysis of sodium chloride solution




Endothermic and exothermic reactions; Energy profile diagrams; Bond energy calculations  


Revision: End of Year Exam 



Introduction to moles and mole calculations; Reacting mass calculations



Introduction to hydrocarbons and alkanes; Fractional distillation; Combustion and cracking













C1: Atomic Structure (H and F - Kerboodle)


Compare atomic structure using Plum Pudding Model and Gold Foil Experiment


C2 The Periodic Table (H and F - Kerboodle)


C3 Structure and Bonding

(H and F – Kerboodle)


C4 Chemical Calcs

(H – Kerboodle)


Preparation of a salt from an insoluble base


C5 Chemical Changes (F - Kerboodle)


C6 Electrolysis

(H and F – Kerboodle)


C7 Energy Changes


Formal End of Year Exam


C4 Chemical Calcs

(H and F – Kerboodle)


Explain how fractional distillation is used to separate crude oil


C9: Crude Oil and Fuels (F – Kerboodle)