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Uniform – Full school uniform should be worn for all exams.


Exam clashes – Clashes will be resolved by the exams office and a letter/email will be sent to students and parents/carers detailing arrangements and time changes. Clashes will result in students being supervised in isolation between exams. Students will therefore need to bring food, drink and revision material for the time they are in isolation.


Exam Rooms – Exams will usually be sat in The Sports Hall or The Fairhurst room but other rooms may be used if necessary.


Candidate number – Students must know their candidate number as it must be written on every exam paper. Candidate numbers can be found on the top left hand side of all individual exam statements.


Exam times – Exams will begin at 9.00am in the morning and 1.00pm in the afternoon. Please ensure that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the exam. If you know you are going to be late please inform the school on 01753 716060. When you do arrive in school you should report to the school office and a decision will be made as to whether you will be eligible to sit the exam. You will not be allowed to sit the exam if you arrive later than an hour after an exam has started for exams longer than an hour or for papers that are less than an hour if the paper has been finished.


Exam seating – Please ensure that you know your seat number and sit in the correct seat when you enter the exam room. Sitting in the wrong seat, results in phone calls to parents, causing unnecessary worry. If you are unsure of your seat number or timing etc, please refer to your individual timetable or failing that exam registers will be displayed on the School Hall windows on a week by week basis, you are advised to check these in case of any last minute changes.


Equipment for exams – It is your responsibility to arrive at an exam with the correct equipment. You must have a clear see through pencil case, black pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener, protractor and compass.


Calculators – Calculators can be used unless stated on the exam paper that they can not. If you use a calculator you must ensure it works properly, the lid of the calculator should be left in your bag or put on the floor by your desk.


Dictionaries are not allowed unless the exam paper dictates that one may be used.


Notes – Notes should not be taken into the exam room, they should be left in your bag, NOT in your pockets


Drinks – You are only allowed to take water in a clear see through bottle with a secure top into the exam room. The bottle must be placed on the floor by your desk during the exam.


Illness – If you are ill you must inform the exams office by calling 01753 716060 on the morning you are due to sit an exam. A self-certification form can be obtained from the exams office but you are strongly advised to obtain a medical certificate from your doctor, a copy of which should be submitted to the exams office at the earliest opportunity.


Mobiles/Ipods/MP3 players and any other form of electronic device are not permitted in the exam room, you should switch them off and hand them in to the invigilator who will place your item in a clear numbered bag, a card with the same number will be issued to you and your articles will be stored in the exams office and can be collected at the end of your exam otherwise they should be switched off and put in your bag at the front of the exam room.


The school will not be held responsible if you store your valuables in your bag and they are stolen.   Having a mobile or other electronic device on your person even if it is switched off is not allowed and if caught could result in disqualification from the exam.