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Admission to the Sixth Form

The Application Process for Year 12 entry to TWBS in September 2024


If you do wish to make an application to TWBS Sixth Form, please note that there is a different application process depending on whether you are a student in Year 11 at TWBS or at another school. Please refer to the relevant information, below:


Students currently in Year 11 at TWBS

Please note, there is no written application form for students who are currently in Year 11 at TWBS. Year 11 students will be guided through the application process by their tutors and will receive information in tutor time and assemblies. It is crucial that they attend these so they don’t miss any information. The process takes place in stages, from the end of the Autumn term, to the Spring term.


Sixth Form Open Evening takes place in early November. We do hope you will come along.


Students have time after this to consider whether they wish to make a Sixth Form application and to explore other options, such as visiting Colleges, etc.


After Open Evening students will be asked, via a digital survey, if they wish to make an application to the Sixth Form. If they respond ‘yes’, they will be invited to attend Sixth Form Taster Day, during which they will have the opportunity to undertake Sixth Form-style lessons in courses that are of interest to them, in order to narrow down their options.


Following this, they will be asked to attend a one-to-one meeting with a senior member of staff during which they will make a guided application to the Sixth Form; the staff member will advise and guide them through applying for courses on which they are likely to be successful, according to their projected Year 11 grades and Average Point Score.


Offers of places in the Sixth Form will be issued in the Spring term; all offers are conditional, based on final GCSE/Level 2 results.  


Students currently in Year 11 at other schools

The deadline for students applying to TWBS Sixth Form from other schools is Friday 24th May 2024.


Due to high demand we cannot accept new applications for the following subjects: Maths at TWBS, Physics at TWBS, Economics at TWBS, Geography at TWBS and Psychology at WGS


How to apply

Following Open Evening, if you wish to make an application you will need to complete the online form: Sixth Form Application Form for Students Currently in Year 11 at Other Schools which can be found at the bottom of this page.


Having submitted the online form, you will need to email the following supporting documents to
•          Your most recent predicted grades on school letterhead, signed by your Head of Year/House

•          A character reference on school letterhead, signed by your Head of Year/House, including answers to the following questions (they can be Yes/No answers where appropriate):

1.         Has this student ever had a fixed term exclusion? If yes, what for and for how long?

2.         Has he ever been permanently excluded from school? If yes, what for and for how long?

3.         What is his attendance percentage for Year 11?

4.         Has he been absent from school for a total of 20 days or more in KS4? If yes, please state the reason, if known.

5.         Is he punctual to school and lessons?

6.         Does he have any SEN? If yes, please give details.

7.         Is he well respected by staff and peers?

8.         Has he ever presented behavioural challenges for staff?

9.         Is he diligent?

10.       Has he ever presented difficulties for other students?

11.       Would you give this student a place in your 6th Form if he wanted to stay? If not, please explain why not.

12.       Is there any other information about the student that you feel it would be helpful for us to know?


We cannot consider any student for a place in TWBS Sixth Form without all three necessary documents: the application form, the character reference and the predict grades.


Being offered a place


In order to be offered a place in TWBS Year 12, we will need a positive reference from your current school (of character, behaviour and work ethic) and your predicted grades will need to indicate that you are likely to achieve the minimum required grades for your preferred courses. 


For complete applications received before the end of February, conditional offers will be sent out at the end of February/early March. For complete applications received after the end of February, conditional offers will be sent out as applications are received.


All offers are conditional based on your final GCSE/Level 2 results in August, and places therefore cannot be confirmed until results day. We therefore recommend that applicants apply to other institutions too, so that they have a back-up plan should they not achieve the required grades for TWBS Sixth Form.


There is no catchment area for Sixth Form applications, but students must be able to be in school by 8.35am and to remain on site until at least 3.05pm every day.


External applications are encouraged, and we seek to offer places whenever we can. Thank you for your interest in studying at The Windsor Boys’ School Sixth Form. We look forward to receiving your application.


As a reminder, to apply you will need to submit the online application form, and email two further supporting documents to

•          Predicted grades on signed school letterhead

•          Character reference on signed school letterhead


Please note, this application form is ONLY for students who are currently in Year 11 at OTHER SCHOOLS: 


Sixth Form Application Form for Students Currently in Year 11 at Other Schools