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Year 9

Year 9 – Key Stage 4 Option Choices

During the spring term all year 9 pupils are guided through the options process where they choose which subjects they would like to study at Key Stage Four. This can be quite a confusing time as they have the opportunity to study new subjects, such as Business or Media, and they don’t know anything about these subjects.  To help with this process we invite all parents and boys to an Options Evening, held at the school, where boys can visit all the subject areas and discuss the content of the course with the subject teachers. Form tutors also provide support and guidance at this time and together with the subject teachers, help all our boys to make informed choices based on their individual interests, skills and strengths.    

The Windsor Boys’ School CAREERS Curriculum Map Year 9


Autumn 1


Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 2


Summer 1


Summer 2












Skills and Mindset


Healthy Living




Future Pathways


Work Skills















Behaving to Achieve


Interpersonal Skills


Growth Mindset


Coping with Stress





Responsible Health


Managing Anxiety


Healthy Lifestyle



  1. Unifrog - Introduction
  2. Options Choices – Personality Profile
  3. Options Choices – Interests
  4. New GCSE Options v current subjects



  1. Vocational Pathway Options
  2. Beyond KS4: College v 6th Form
  3. Higher Education



  1. How Can I Avoid Debt?
  2. Employability 
  3. Enterprising Qualities
  4. Workplace Skills




  1. Work skills
  2. CV’s
  3. Basic Finance
  4. Preparing for Job Interviews
  5. Careers Round Up



Key Dates















Options Evening

Options Assembly

Options Booklet

Unifrog login and access for all Year 9


Unifrog login and access for all Year 9

Options deadline