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Year 11 Creative Writing House Competition

On Wednesday we had students competing in our Creative Writing Challenge.  It was a delight to see so many students writing and presenting excellent pieces.

The challenge was to take a photograph of a place in the school to inspire their writing and we had some excellent entries!

Congratulations to Dylan Price and Ethan Gunter who were the champions for Burnett House.  Here’s the photo and piece of writing they created:


Frozen in time

There she stood on her pedestal of stone. A figure un-brandished by time. A figure un-bewildered by the world around her and a figure rendered immobile, trapped in her iconic pose, enriching the somber silence of the garden with the hollow sound of a violin.

The amber, auburn and Crimson of autumn foliage littered the emerald, green grass. This does not surprise me.
As I see three pillars of living wood extend and reach for the grey stricken sky.
Two of which were freckled with streaks of white the other an ominous shade of dark brown.

The quiet rustle of leaves compliments the serenity of the garden.
The distant echo of a car parking reverberates through the solemn brick passage which wraps around the garden like a serpent constricting its prey.

I sit on a solitary bench under the canopy of falling leaves.
I exhale……………………………A plume of thin cloud embraces the freezing air.

I inhale…………………………….The scent of damp earth and woodsmoke fills my nose.

My heart starts to impose a rhythm of unnatural speed and beauty.  I feel invigorated and smile.
This place truly puts me in a peaceful state of mind the statue and I, together, are frozen in time.

By Dylna Price and Ethan Gunter, Year 11, Burnett House