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TWBS – Year 9 & 10 Summer House Activities

This week has seen our Year 9 pupils, on Monday, and Year 10 pupils, on Thursday, take part in one of tennis, softball or cricket for their House.

These events have been part of our run in to the end of another very strange sporting year, but thankfully the weather was warm and dry for the events, Covid absences had minimal impact on participation, and so the enthusiasm and the enjoyment of the pupils was undiminished.

The Tennis at Eton College was ably run by Mr Jeffery on both days and saw Woodland complete the double – winning both the Year 9 & Year 10 events.

Mr Clark oversaw the Cricket over on Stovell, ably assisted in the main by Mr Wilson & Mr Kayani (& Mrs Winters on Tuesday). Another double was completed here, where incredibly both the finals were hotly contested between Warwick and Burnett, with Burnett winning both!

In the Softball Ford were losing finalists in both Year groups, winners in Year 9 being Lambdin and in Year 10, Burgess. Mr Woods & Mrs Lawson ensured rules and regulations were strictly adhered to with the Year 9 competition while Mr Chester, Mrs Lawson & Mrs Winters did the same for the Year 10.