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Platinum Jubilee Schools Week

It is almost impossible to sum up what has gone on in Windsor over the last couple of weeks. 23rd – 27th May we had our Platinum Jubilee Schools Week and this was followed by four days of jubilation across the world! There are so many highlights, from so many different events, but I will try and sum these up in the best way I can.


Schools Week itself was a new venture, and the Platinum Jubilee was the catalyst to make this happen. It was a huge success and saw all the schools across Windsor coming together through various events and activities. We had a banquet, four concerts, big-sings, recordings, broadcasts, cake making, dancing, singing, acting, drawing, painting – it was a week full of so much.


The concerts included a musical theatre night, classical soiree, rock night and a schools concert. The schools concert was a huge success with an audience of 500 and a “cast” of about 400 students. It was a lovely event hosted at TWBS and despite the wind, the weather was kind to us. The Big Sing at Dedworth Middle School was an incredible morning and we saw around 1,500 children from across Windsor all singing and dancing.


I guess the real highlight came on Friday 27th when we sung our Platinum Jubilee School Song on the Long Walk in front of the world’s media. We then featured on BBC news later that night – and then all over the world over the weekend. We had messages from Australia, France & Japan! It was a fantastic afternoon on the Long Walk and I am so proud of the children.

The Platinum Jubilee weekend saw us performing to 1,000s of people on the Long Walk and I am still on the come down from an incredible weekend. The Ox Roast & Beacon Lighting took place on Thursday and the Big Band & Choir performed at these events. And then on Saturday we had the Big Band, Choir & Euphoria performing on the Long Walk to crowds of about 25,000!


I said it would be hard to sum it up, and it really is. But I guess the key thing at the centre of all these Jubilee Celebrations was the students in our schools. They did so much to make it incredible and I am proud of every student who took part. It was a massive operation to bring together so many schools, but the staff across these schools made it possible.


Please do follow our Twitter & Instagram feeds for all the photos of these events. But I have included a few here. I will be writing a full report of the whole Platinum Jubilee experience and I will share that with you.


And this week we have been back to school. Exams are looming for A-Level & GCSE Music students and we have our production of Mary Poppins just around the corner. Tickets for Mary Poppins will be going on sale this weekend and I will be sending out messages to announce this. It is taking place in our Studio Theatre, 6th – 9th July and we have performances at various times to suit all ages. I have been pleased to see lots of rehearsals and revision taking place this week and it was been nice to get back into the classroom after half term. Looking ahead we are preparing for our end of term concert on 13th July. This will be a final farewell to our Year 13 students and a great way to round up a wonderful year. But we are not there yet and we have lots to look forward to over the coming weeks.


Thanks to all those who have supported me on this Jubilee journey! I have had the most incredible time and I think it is the start of something exciting for music & education in Windsor.


Mr J. Manwaring

Director of Music – Windsor Learning Partnership

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Twitter - @twbsmusic