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Oxbridge Outreach Talk by Michael Smith

On Monday 14th December, our ex-Head Boy, Michael Smith, came to the school to deliver an outreach talk about applying to Oxbridge. Michael is currently studying Law at Downing College, Cambridge. His talk focussed on busting the myths surrounding applications to Oxbridge and the reality that you just need to be an academically able pupil, with a real passion and enthusiasm for wanting to study and talk about your subject.

Michael discussed his own experience about ‘imposter syndrome’, where he questioned his own ability and whether he deserved to be there after a few weeks commencing the course. But the reality is that he did – he had proven this at interview and through the grades that he achieved. Michael talked about advice that was provided by other older pupils, which was ‘fake it ‘til you make it’. This relates to the situation that if you act confident, others will perceive you as confident and so you end up being confident. What was also interesting was the fact that many law firms were already chasing and flattering pupils to come and work for them after they complete their studies. Usually, it is the other way around.

Speaking to year 11 pupils afterwards, they expressed how helpful they found the session and sparked an interest to do research in to applying to Oxbridge.

Mr S Miah
Head of Chemistry