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Night at the Musicals – Monday 30th January 2023

What a way to end the first month of 2023! On Monday we had 46 students performing to a packed Studio Theatre. We had songs from a wide range of musicals, and there were some that were new to me! But we also had some classics, and it was great to hear students singing solos and duets. It takes a lot of courage to stand up and sing in front of 120 people.  Each and every student who sang did themselves and their school proud. The talent on display was just incredible and I am hugely grateful to the students from both TWBS and WGS. We have a bright future ahead with an amazing cohort of Year 9 students and I am excited to watch them develop.  Thanks to Miss Walter for helping me with rehearsals and Mr Thomas for supporting me on the night. If you came along, thanks for joining us.


Mr J Manwaring

Director of Music – Windsor Learning Partnership