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History Trip to Hampton Court Palace – Thursday 2nd December

“I enjoyed my experience today at Hampton Court. We began by exploring the Henry VIII Kitchens whilst waiting for our tour. There lots of big pots and plates! When the tour guide arrived, we played a game where we had to choose when to become protestant (we were given different countries). I was England and I became protestant straight away, so I got sent to the tower of London! After the game, we learnt how Henry and Elizabeth lived in the palace and what changes Elizabeth made when she came to the throne. After this, we entered the great hall, where we learnt how Privy members protected access to the Queen, along with other very interesting facts. At one point I got to roleplay as Elizabeth! We then went to the privy council room where he had a heated debate about who would succeed Elizbeth as she had smallpox at the time. We came to the conclusion that Mary Queen of Scots would be most fit for the throne. After lunch we went through the maze – it was extremely fun especially when people got lost at the end (everyone made it back!). Overall, I definitely loved the experience and I would love to go again”! Ryan Brooks, 10 Allen


“Overall, the trip to Hampton Court was really good. We learnt lots about Elizabeth’s life at the palace, but the highlight would have to be when we had to act as the privy council and had a debate as it really felt as though we were the actual privy council”!  Marcus Downie, 10 Burnett


“Today was pretty fun to Hampton Court because we learnt a few new things and we had debates as the privy council. We were trying to work out who should take over from Elizabeth once she dies. Today was very fun, we also got lost in the maze which was a really good laugh. I learnt so much”.  Lukas Backhouse 10 Burgess