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Historical Pancakes – Screen free day 2021

As soon as we heard about having a ‘Screen free’ day, the History Department started coming up with reams of historical themed activities which could be completed away from a screen.


Mr Fousset suggested that perhaps students could create some Historical themed pancakes seeing as pancake day is only around the corner. To that end, each year group was given a list of possible activities relevant to the time period they are currently studying. For example, Year 9 have been looking at Medicine Through Time so were encouraged to see if they could interview someone from when the NHS was first set up in 1948. Year 10 are looking at Elizabeth I so were given options of cooking some traditional Elizabethan recipes, playing Greensleeves on an instrument or making some Elizabeth I themed pancakes (a popular choice). Year 11 were also given a Cold War pancake themed activity which seemed to be a firm favourite for the majority, after all there aren’t many occasions where your teachers would set you a task for a lesson to simply make pancakes!


The photos that came through on Wednesday were amazing and it was so brilliant to see the fantastic imaginations of the students come to life. It was a great opportunity for students to have some fun and it will certainly be a positive memory of Lockdown 3.0 when we all made pancakes which looked like Elizabeth I, Stalin, Castro, the Berlin Wall, the Cold War and more. I’m planning on having a go at Historical pancakes on Tuesday although looking at these ones so far I think I’m going to need some practice… and also acquire some more toppings!

Miss F Gray
Head of Humanities