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Frontline Living History visit

The History department was thrilled to welcome back Frontline living history for the third year to enhance the learning of Year 9 on the weapons and injuries of WW1. The boys all thoroughly enjoyed their interactive workshops and have hopefully already told you all about it at home. Some Year 10 cadets also joined in on the fun. As always, the students did themselves and the school proud – with Frontline saying how lovely they were.


‘On Tuesday 25th and 26th April, Year 9 students took part in a spectacular Frontline History experience. Two gentlemen came in dressed as army officers to teach us about WW1 and trenches. They showed us features of the trench and methods of transport for injured soldiers. We passed around objects such as shells and bullets that were replicas, or actually from the war itself. We also tried on soldiers’ hats and helmets seeing what the different countries used.

Another exciting thing was trying on gas masks ranging from a cloth bag with eye holes to a proper gas mask. It was overall a great experience with interesting facts, surprises and jokes all the way.’ -  Alex C


‘I enjoyed the Frontline History event a lot and holding different weapons and being told how they worked. It was fun to watch how they explained what the items were and why they used in them the war and what they did to be so deadly.’ -  Jake M


‘On Wednesday 26th April, my class and some others took part in Frontline History. Two guys came in dressed in WWI outfits, one a sergeant and one an officer. They brought in a range of things from guns to grenades. I learnt a lot and really enjoyed myself when wearing the different helmets and holding the weapons. I thought it was a very good experience’ – Alfie A


‘Today’s event was action packed with them teaching us about the tools, guns and armor used in the war. They thoroughly taught us each thing with the
videos and pictures in the background. We had many chances to try the tools and could even test some for example the gas masks. Today’s event was pretty good as they took us through most equipment soldiers used to defend themselves - Miran Y


‘This workshop was brilliant due to the fact we could see all of the weapons and equipment in the flesh and the people were super nice. It was fascinating to hear the people speak their thoughts on the war.‘ Jake B


‘Today, myself and my class had a History WW1 workshop and it was amazing. Two men fully dressed in WW1 officer and soldier clothes told us all about WW1 and the trenches and how they worked and we even got to hold all sorts of weapons and tools and even got to try the helmets and the armor. They even sprayed smells of the gases around the room to understand what it smelt like.’ Finlay R