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Field Events for House Sports at TVAC

On Wednesday after school, the Field events for House Sports were held at TVAC. A good turnout of pupils, especially in years 9 & 10, were made for exciting competitions across the events. Highlight performances came from:

  • Harvey Brook in the Y9 triple jump (11.10m), Kyle Golding in the Y10 discus (26.45m) and javelin (38.48m) – distances that would enable them to compete at a District standard (in a normal year!)
  • Y12 students, Fynn Starkie & Mickey Iqbal, who won 3 and 2 of their events respectively

My thanks go to all the PE staff (Messrs Jeffery, Paul, Clark, Woods, Chester) & House staff (Mrs Winters, Mr Wilson, Mr Le Paih & Mrs Lawson) and the kind volunteers, Mr Bottomley and Mr Elliott, for their vital help in making sure the events all ran smoothly and safely.

We all look forward to the Track events on Stovell starting at 9am on Tuesday for those age groups – and pray for dry weather too!

Gareth Breen
Head of Sport