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Craft Coop exhibition

For the entire month of April, year 9 and 10 students had the great privilege of having their work exhibited at the Craft Coop in Windsor. Their work looked wonderful and received many compliments from shoppers and passers-by. The paintings on canvas were inspired by Claude Monet’s impressionist style and the mural in the middle was a mosaic painted on little tiles inspired by the sea. The pictures were made by year 9, some of them inspired by Pete Gilbert and others by Monet. The year 10 were especially content to have their work exhibited and the work was for sale, but unfortunately none were sold. If you are perhaps interested in any of the work please get in touch with me.

‘Our inspiration for this art piece was based on a famous painting by Monet who was known for his art with lily pads. The experience of making this piece was fun for me and my friend who made it because we got to try a new style of art and we learnt a new technique of painting while doing it. ‘

Arthur and Shaun, year 10


‘I’ve used multiple shades of green to create this painting and used Monet’s technique of layering to paint the greenery all over the canvas. I used a sponge to make the water lily pads. I regret not painting the background blue before I started the painting to capture the sky, because of that I covered the whole painting in greenery. Overall, this painting was a fun one to make and its inspired by Monet’s paintings of the outdoors.’

Mirza, year 10


Please enjoy the paintings.


Miss Tombs