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Balloon Rockets start Year 9 with a Bang

Year 9 started their science lessons with a design and construction inter-house competition.  Each house was given the same task – to build balloon powered rockets which would travel as far and as fast along a zip-line as possible.  Some really excellent teamwork was seen and some interesting designs.

Woodland and Ottrey, perhaps unlucky to go first, had great fun blowing up balloons, but unfortunately overdid the practising and so were unable to make a rocket travel more than a few centimetres


Lambdin and Allen, under the careful tutelage of Mr Miah, thought carefully about how to solve the problem but again were let down by the execution, only achieving 4m and 5m respectively.

Some good engineering design was attempted by Ford, however they were unable to execute the launch, which was a shame.  Nevertheless a reasonable 3rd place with 7m for the Team


Some in Warwick and Burnett attempted some attractive designs but unfortunately the smiley faces did not help the balloon go far.  Another team in Warwick managed a good design which showed promise, but were unlucky when the balloon spiraled, losing energy and only making it 8m, 2nd overall.


However the undoubted overall winners were Burgess.  Not only did they work out the trick to creating the most efficient rocket which travelled the full 10m, but they also recognised that as it was a house event, helping each other was to the advantage of everyone – well done Burgess!


All the students threw themselves into the challenge and will be an asset to their respective houses.  In TWBS tradition, all houses have been awarded points for taking part, getting the house competition off to a good start.  Roll on the next events, when Woodland, and Ottrey can plan their revenge on Warwick and Burgess!!