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A snowy day in lockdown

It seems that for the last 2 months, the weather has predicted a snowy day every single week and yet, it never comes. So last night, I was reluctant to believe that yet again “It will snow”. Fortunately, I was proven wrong!

The white blanket covering the road and grass outside my window was a welcome sight to wake to and I wasted no time in escaping the confines of my house to enjoy this incredibly rare weather.  It was a great time as my family and I enjoyed all that comes with snow – snowball fights, snowmen, snow angels etc.  It seems not many wasted this opportunity as many other neighbours were also found outside and gave a much-needed chance to chat (socially distanced of course!).


This weather was a huge morale boost for just about everyone it seems, as it was a change in the mundane, repetitive routine our lives have now become.  This lockdown doesn’t look to be ending soon but at least there is hope that not every day will be the same and that something may come along and change it.

However, this event has left with me with one burning question: Are cancelled school days due to snow over now since schools can remote teach? I guess it was lucky this was a Sunday and not a Monday then!

Josh A
Year 11