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Year 10 Games Classes – Season Update Dec 11, 2020

10S1 & 10S2 have continued with their football season (and pioneering of a Sports Education module in their games lessons).

This unit of work is designed to develop pupils’ ability to plan, organise and lead their own and others’ physical activity.


Read Aaditya Deshpande’s latest match report for Black Wolves FC v Partey Time FC here: Match report 3 (4.12.20)

Read Arjun Sharma’s match reports for

CREAMCHEESEANDGRAPES v Punt the Ball FC and CREAMCHEESEANDGRAPES v Ko-Kane FC here: match reports creamcheeseandgrapes
See the updated results and current league table here: Year 10 Sports Education Fixture and result list

Mr G Breen
Director of Sport