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Year 10 Games Classes Nov 27, 2020


This Term 10S1 & 10S2 are pioneering a Sports Education module in their games lessons. Thus:


What is Sport Education?

Over the next 6 weeks these groups will participate in a football season. This is a round-robin league that runs throughout 6 WEEKS.

  • Each student will acquire a role within their team which include:
    • Team Captain
    • Fitness Coach
    • Skills Coach
    • Team Administrator
    • Equipment Manager
    • Media officer
    • Groundsman

What are you required to do each lesson?

As soon as the lesson begins, you are responsible for:

  • Setting up the pitches
  • Organising Equipment
  • Leading Warm-Ups
  • Leading Skill Practices
  • Officiating Matches
  • Recording Results
  • Participating in matches
  • Write Match Reports


Thursdays lessons will be a skill-related session which will be designed by your team to help improve your teams skill set. This will be followed by matches being played on the Fridays. Students will be awarded points for the effectiveness of all of the above, alongside fair play and sportsmanship. This unit of work is designed to develop pupils’ ability to plan, organise and lead their own and others’ physical activity”.


Aaditya Deshpande 10 Burnett is the media manager and administrator for Black Wolves F.C, read his match report for Black Wolves FC v Ko-Kane FC here: Match report 1 (20.11.20)
Read a match report for Black Wolves FC v GenderBenderz FC here: Match report 2 (20.11.20)
See the results and current league table here: Fixture and result list Week One


Mr G Breen
Director of Sport