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TWBS Yr 9 A Team vs William Borlase Rugby - Nov 19, 2021

On  Tuesday, 16th November, The Windsor Boys School continued our formidable form as we came up against William Borlase.  The game started off with a bang as we scored after only a few seconds. We then continued to score and score and score – it was incredible and by the end of the first half we had notched 35 points and conceded none.


After half-time we were ready to go again, and we started in the best way with even more tries – some of us got 4 or 5 tries by the end of the match. The opposition kept going strong but despite their efforts our team was just too good. It truly was a commanding performance by us!


By the end of the game the result was 80 – 0 to Windsor! Every player on the pitch put in an outstanding performance, not only that but everyone was respectful to each other on and off the pitch. William Borlase is a great side, but we were just too dominant. Uno Amino!

Match Report by Roque Quayle