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School life

A Day in the Life of a Windsor Boy 


8.35 1st bell Registration

Boys should aim to arrive at 8.30 am to allow for any delays.

8.40 – 8.55 Assembly/Registration

At the 1st bell you can enter the school building and go to your locker to leave coats and collect equipment you need for the day.

You should be in your form room for registration. Any notices are given by your tutor and on some mornings you and your form will go to the Hall for an assembly.

8.55 – 9.55 Period 1

9.55 – 10.55 Period 2

(Lessons start at 8.55 am)



10.55 - 11.25 Short break

11.25  12.25 Period 3

12.25 – 1.25 Period 4

At short break and long break you can go to the canteen to buy food. At break times you can go into the Quad or tennis courts; or the field if the weather is good.

1.25 - 1.55  Lunch

After lunch you go to your afternoon registration.

1.55 – 2.05 Registration


2.05 – 3.05 Period 5



At the end of the school day there are clubs and sporting activities you can attend. Details of these will be in your form room.


A Day at The Windsor Boys’ School – A boy’s view


A typical school day for an individual boy attending The Windsor Boys’ School may look like this:


6 am 

Wake up/get up (I have to be at the boat house by 7.00 am).


Leave the house after a quick breakfast and no wash (I’ll shower after I row – honest!)

7 am 

BOAT HOUSE arrive on my bike and help get the boats out and on to the river. The morning is still and crisp with a light mist on the river and the sun beginning to rise – fantastic.

8 am   

Grab something to eat from the canteen or my packed lunch, I’m starving after training.


Registration with my friends. PANIC until I check that I did finish my homework last night and put it in my bag with my kit and equipment for today.



See some other boys getting awards from the Head in


8.55 Period 1 

French.  Hand in my homework hope for the best!

9.55  Period 2 


10.55 Short break. 

Grab some food and a drink and then have a laugh with my friends on the field.

11.25  Period 3

That’s the bell for period 3 and I’m off to Physics – hope it’s practical.

12.25 Period 4

From Physics to IT – looking forward to this because my unit on creating websites is going really well

1.25 Lunchtime  

brilliant! A chance to catch up with my rowing friends and a quick half an hour in the gym whilst also getting some lunch.

2 pm 


2.05   Period 5 

Lunchtime’s over. That went really quickly. Off to

Geography for my last lesson of the day.
Hand in my homework on Continental drift, which I’m particularly pleased with.

3 05

End of the Day

4 00

Off to the river for another rowing session on the water. It’s really tough but I feel I’m a lot fitter and stronger having done this now for just over a year.

5 pm

Crawl out of the boat and help the guys put everything away. On my bike and home for dinner (good grief my body aches)

6 pm

Shower, dinner, chill for an hour, catch up with a couple of mates.


Log on to Teams, my school’s Virtual Learning Environment and do my Maths homework, IT homework, and read Mr Manwaring’s music blog before watching a bit of TV

10.15 pm  

Bed, phew! Different lessons but same routine tomorrow.