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Tips for Success in the Sixth Form


  • Know your destination in terms of assessments now : when are my exams? When is my coursework due? What is expected of me? Use your diary to plan it out.
  • Create a PLC (a personalised learning checklist) which lists the skills you will need to complete/be successful on your course.
  • Know what your goal is at the end of the year/course (the grade or level you should be aiming for.) Know what the work required to achieve that goal looks like and what you need to do to get there.
  • Print yourself a copy of the syllabus and know its constituent parts/topics/assessment objectives. Tick them off as you do them and colour code your reaction to them: green=I have understood it, amber= there are some bits I need to go back to/need help with, and red= I’m struggling with this topic/sub-topic/idea and I need help.
  • Make good, clear, thorough notes. Try to go over them at the end of the day so they are fit for purpose and keep them in an organised way, in a file, with all your handouts and additional bits etc.
  • Learn from your mistakes by listening to the teacher’s advice/implementing the points they have highlighted on your work. Try to improve one thing at a time.
  • TALK to your teacher. DISCUSS what you are doing/trying to do, and let them know if you are struggling.
  • Use your free time in school and the time you have at home profitably. It REALLY IS CRITICAL that you work everyday, establishing a routine which suits you. If you don’t work from day one of your course, you will later regret it!
  • Know your learning style. If you are using methods of learning which don’t suit you, you will struggle. Try to vary your methods to see what works best.
  • Talk to your parents/carer about what you are doing. They are very supportive, want to help and often feel frustrated that they cannot see you working at home (always a bad sign) or are told “everything’s fine” when it isn’t!


Ten Top Tips for Parents of Year 12 boys


  • Look regularly at your son’s progress/ attendance on SERCO to ensure you are fully informed.
  • Contact your son’s tutor if you have any concerns/want information/need to let us know something.
  • Try to discuss your son’s work with him and encourage him to talk to you about it. Help him to aspire to something by keeping a focus on the future.
  • Praise the things your son does well.
  • Try not to get angry if you feel your son is not doing what he is supposed to. If you feel there are issues and you cannot help/he won’t listen, talk to us!
  • Encourage your son to maintain a good work/life balance but keep an eye on the “social” time and paid work.
  • Try to encourage your son to go to bed at a reasonable time.
  • Try to encourage your son to switch off the distractions when he’s working.
  • Watch out for signs that your son is stressed/not coping.
  • Keep a calendar at home which is visible with all the key dates/exams/deadlines etc on.