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Director of Music Report for TWBS – Week 8 - Nov 5, 2021

Half Term seems like a distant memory now, but I hope that you all had a lovely week. I always spend the half term getting excited about what’s to come in the lead up to Christmas. We really do have a jammed packed term ahead, with lots to look forward to.


Half Term started with a weekend of rehearsals for The Little Mermaid. The cast racked up 18 hours of rehearsals over two days and we got so much done in the time. But it was also about building community amongst the cast and giving them a chance to enjoy working with each other. In-between scenes and dances, it was great to see students settling down to homework & revision.


Monday came around quickly this week and we were straight back into our rehearsal schedule. We have a rehearsal on every morning, lunchtime, and most days after school. This gives all students that chance to get involved and find something to be part of. It has been nice this week to start playing through Christmas carols and music, and I must say the boys choir have sounded excellent in rehearsals.


On Wednesday this week we had piano demonstrations and try-outs for some Year 9 classes. In January we have a new teacher starting with us and I am keen to see lots of boys learning. I enjoyed seeing boys engaging with the sessions, asking questions and even playing pieces they know. As I always say, it is never too late to learn an instrument!


Wednesday also saw our first Christmas gig of the year at Daniel Department Store in Windsor. It was their late-night shopping evening, and we took the Big Band to entertain the customers. It was a lovely event to be part of and a great way of reminding us all how the Christmas carols go. For some of the musicians it was a 2-hour sight-reading sessions! We performed inside and outside and I am indebted to Mr Thomas & Miss Littlejohns for coming along to support. Thanks to all the parents who came along to listen.


Wednesday then became even more packed as we ended with a rehearsal with The Royal Free Singers for Carmina Burana. Some of our students from WLP are singing with the choir & orchestra on November 20th  at Braywick Leisure Centre. It was great to get the students together to sing something a little different!

And so the week comes to a close and we have definitely already earnt a weekend break. Having said that, the cast of The Little Mermaid are back in on Sunday morning to keep moving the show forward. The Little Mermaid is being staged from 30th November – 4th December and tickets are now available online. We have already sold over 800 tickets, but there are still some available if you are quick! –

Friday night has already sold out, so don’t delay and get your tickets to this fun and enjoyable musical. The students have worked so hard and they have had so many barriers to overcome. I am really proud of their hard work and dedication.


That just leaves me to wish you a wonderful weekend. And a reminder that it is not too late to get involved in extracurricular music. I hope to see lots of students signing up for lessons, joining groups and exploring instruments. The Boys Choir is always looking for new students to join – Monday Break 1 is our next session.


Mr J. Manwaring
Director of Music – Windsor Learning Partnership