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Director of Music Report for TWBS – Week 7 - Oct 22, 2021

It is hard to believe that we have now completed the first half term back! What an amazing seven weeks we have had, packed full of so much music making. There has been at least one rehearsal every single day and over 110 students are now actively involved in music making every week. We have had school events, concerts, dinners and trips. I have seen students start learning instruments for the first time and we have been able to get all of our ensembles working together again.


I must therefore say a huge thanks to all the students for showing such incredible commitment to music this half term. You are all so inspiring and you work incredibly hard for the school. I hope that this will continue throughout the year and I am sure we will see more students getting involved in music.


This week we had a sixth form trip to the Opera at Glyndebourne. It was a wonderful day and the students really enjoyed seeing the opera Fidelio by Beethoven. An inspiring day of amazing music.


But this week really has been all about our Autumn Concert which took place on Thursday 21st October. All of our rehearsals this half term build towards this wonderful event. We had a packed hall, with 250 tickets sold. The concert included all our weekly ensembles as well as soloists from across TWBS & WGS. It was an inspiring and vibrant evening, hard to put into words. There were well over 200 performers from across the Windsor Upper Schools and I can’t believe how many students were there singing and playing their hearts out. I won’t single out any performance as they were all incredible and varied. But what I will say is that music is very much alive in Windsor. We have so much talent and I can’t wait to watch it grow and develop over the coming year.

The message from me is – if you are involved in music, stay involved. If you are not, then get involved!

Christmas is a great time to join the choir or start coming along to orchestra! Don’t be worried about how “good you are” or if you “can sing”. Everyone can contribute something to our musical groups.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Thomas on a great first term as part of the music team. He is working hard across two Windsor Learning Partnership schools, and he is an asset to the team.

Thanks to everyone reading this who has joined us for a concert or event. Thanks to all the staff at TWBS & WGS for their support. And of course, thanks to all the students for making this such a great term.

We now have a week off to rest and then we start our Christmas programme – we are at the Daniel Christmas shopping event straight after half term!


Please do follow us on Twitter @twbsmusic and Instagram @windsormusic. That way you can keep up to do date on all that is going on in the department.

12% of our students are involved in music every week – how about we get that to 20% by the end of the year!

Have a lovely Half Term


Mr J. Manwaring
Director of Music – Windsor Learning Partnership