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Director of Music Report for TWBS – Week 4 - Oct 1, 2021

There really is no week like Open Evening week for the music department. Tuesday night saw us out in full force to support the annual school open evening. The Big Band kicked the evening off with a vibrant and well-rehearsed 15-minute set. This was followed by the Boys Choir who sang “Hello Mary Lou” with conviction & commitment. The audience were suitably impressed and the students loved sharing their music. After the excellent address from Mr Furness, everyone left the hall to begin their tour of the school. As they left our newly formed Dhol Drumming group performed in the quad – loud and exciting!


The evening was all about showing off the school and the music & drama department did all they could to show off the performing arts. The music room was packed throughout the evening and students shared their instrumental & music tech skills with all those looking round. Over in Drama, Miss Walter & Miss Walker led an open rehearsal for “The Little Mermaid” and this was particularly well received by the touring year 8 students. Over in the Performing Arts Studio our Year 12 band rehearsed all evening and everyone loved hearing some rock music. The energy shown by all the staff and students was amazing. Mr Thomas was in the music room and enjoyed seeing students from Dedworth Middle School who he had taught earlier in the day – it is nice to work in partnership with other WLP schools.


Open evening was hugely successful, and I am indebted to the students who performed and supported the evening. Zac Gallagher & Samuel McCreanor deserve special mention for setting up & running all the sound & lighting in the main hall. They are both lovely lads who give up a huge amount of time for the school & music department.


In amongst this we have had the usual range of rehearsals and lessons. I am pleased to see lots of students picking up instruments for the first time and I think we have some real talent brewing in year 9. It is not too late to learn an instrument, just contact me ASAP.


We look ahead to an exciting month with a musical theatre evening and our Autumn Upper Schools concert. All the rehearsals are leading up to these events and it will be great to welcome audiences back for concerts. The students work hard, but they also know that the hard work pays off in performances. We saw that on Tuesday evening and I know we will see it again. Please keep Thursday 21st October in your diary so that you don’t miss our Autumn Concert – Tickets on sale next week.


And so, the message remains the same – get involved in music! It will give you so many opportunities and bring you so much joy. If you don’t know how to get involved, then just ask your music teacher.


Night at the Musicals – 11th October 2021, 17:30, Drama Studio Theatre

Tickets for this event are FREE but do need to be booked via


Mr J. Manwaring
Director of Music – Windsor Learning Partnership