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6th Form Life

Why join the Sixth Form?


There are as many answers to this question are there are students in Year 11, but among the most common reasons to choose us are:


  • To obtain good qualifications.
  • To study in an environment where personal responsibility is increased.
  • To retain a familiar structure to the school day – and an understanding of the school rules.
  • To have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of challenging activities – academic, intellectual, co-curricular, social and personal.
  • To have more time to decide upon your personal goals, ideas and values.
  • To have more time to decide on your ‘pathway’.
  • To access all of the support and expertise The Windsor Boys’ School offers.
  • To take advantage of our outstanding record of exam success, which puts us in the top 20% of providers nationally.
  • To give something back to the school you have attended for the last three years.


Why School?


If you want a very informal atmosphere, this school may not be for you (college might be a more suitable option).  As you know, we do have high expectations of all our students, and you are expected to conform to these.  In return we provide a full and varied curriculum, a large number of extra-curricular activities and, above all, a well-qualified and experienced staff who will get to know you well and will offer you a great deal of individual attention.


It is a plus factor that, at school, a closer eye will be kept on your work and that pressure will be put on you if it is not up to standard.  It does not suit everyone, but in many cases it can make all the difference between merely passing or being very successful. A more structured routine can allow you to make the most of yourself, rather than falling by the unstructured wayside.


Our pass rate over the last six years has averaged over 99% with grades A-C.  In 2016 51% of grades were A*-B and 25.7% A*-A.


All year 12 boys have an hour a week which is not timetabled but during which they are all ‘free’ so that they may  listen to visiting speakers, do PSHE type work, do work-related learning/get careers advice, or do UCAS preparation.


Workload and Private Study


All of the courses we offer are academically challenging but, if you develop good study habits early on, you are likely to succeed. It must never be forgotten that the Sixth Form is primarily concerned with work and that responsibilities to work must be given first priority.


You will be expected to spend all of your time during the twenty five period school week and a lot of your time outside school hours focusing on your studies.


In the Sixth Form, homework – and additional academic work – should take up between twelve and twenty hours a week outside school time.  Many boys do paid work, but it is crucial to strike the right balance.




Discipline within the Sixth Form is mainly a matter of agreed common sense.  You are still part of the school, but are regarded and treated very much as senior members of our community. You are expected to set a good example to the students in lower years, and to represent the school in a positive fashion at all time.


On entering the Sixth Form, you will be expected to sign a contract in which you agree to adhere to clear academic and behavioural obligations.